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Surely to no nation has Fate been more malignant than to Russia. Her ship went down in sight of port. She had actually weathered the storm when all was cast away. Every sacrifice had been made; the toil was achieved. Despair and Treachery usurped command at the very moment when the task was done.

Winston S. Churchill. // The World Crisis. 1916–1918 — London: Thornton Butterworth Ltd., 1927. — Т. III.
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  • "Человек,

    у которого не сердце болело за настроения отечества, а руки скучали по уличным потасовкам"

  • Дождь идёт

    за тобой.

  • Frankreich.

    Etwa 40.000 Körperverletzungen und Raubüberfälle zählte das Justizministerium im Jahr 1988. Im vergangenen Jahr waren es 300.000, berichtet das…

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