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Japan's exports 2019 by country

Top export destinations of commodities from Japan in 2019:

USA with a share of 19.9% (140 billion US$)
China with a share of 19% (134 billion US$)
Korea with a share of 6.55% (46 billion US$)
Other Asia, nes with a share of 6.09% (43 billion US$)
Hong Kong with a share of 4.76% (33 billion US$)
Thailand with a share of 4.27% (30 billion US$)
Germany with a share of 2.86% (20 billion US$)
Singapore with a share of 2.85% (20 billion US$)
Vietnam with a share of 2.33% (16.4 billion US$)
Australia with a share of 2.05% (14.4 billion US$)

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